Fascination with Frog Prince


Tissue Paper, Acrylic Paint, and Found Images

This is the second collage in a set of three. I have always had a fascination with the stories like the ugly duckling, the frog prince, and other transformatistoreis. This series follows the quest of the prince while he is a frog.

The other two pieces are titled the Frog Prince Meets the Wicked Witch, and The Frog Prince Meets the Dragon. All three have the same strict color scheme with rather abstract backgrounds and the found images of the frog. The pictures came from a magazine, but the inspiration came from tissue paper.

I would love to take these relatively small originals (3″x3″) and blow them up to be really large so the viewer could feel as small as the prince. At the moment the viewer can’t really relate to the viewer because the image is so small and that frustrates me.

I will upload the other two images at some point, but I haven’t found time to take my sketchbook to the scanner at the library. That may need to become a priority for next week.

About Khiri Lee

If people were simple this little box would be sufficient for me to describe myself. People are not simple.
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