Having a Dedicated Studio Space

Having a Dedicated Studio Space

Since I got back from my brief trip to Boulder at the end of April I have been working everyday in my studio. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing it is to have a dedicated space to explore my creative passions day and night. Not only are all my art supplies in the same room (a relatively simple concept but mindblowing nonetheless) but I can leave my studio as it is and come back hours or days later without anyone complaining about the mess (The Freedom!).

I am making huge leaps in my own visual language and I am working towards a group exhibition in June. There has been a lot of pressure, some of it from my own perceptions of my progress, to get involved in the gallery scene of Chicago, but I’m not sure what I would do with that involvement. A lot of what i’m working on right now still feels pretty tentative. The elevator speech about myself and my art is still in shambles. Until I get a more solid portfolio of work I think locking myself away in my studio for days on end is exactly what I should be doing with my life right now.

This stuff doesn’t just happen overnight!


About Khiri Lee

If people were simple this little box would be sufficient for me to describe myself. People are not simple.
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