Day 8: Mind Map Painting


I feel like this painting somewhat accurately portrays the clutter of thoughts and emotions in my head right now. Its a little messy in there. The prompt for this painting came from a friend. It read:

“A vortex of blue and turquoise with veins of pink, like if you had a black hole colored in the tones of the ocean and native American jewelry.”

As you can see I interpreted that pretty loosely. I mostly was caught by the idea of an ocean colored black hole. All of the text is from the definitions of Black and Black hole in a really really old dictionary I keep around. Some of the descriptions were very colorful and amusing.

In the end I think it looks more like a map than any phenomena in space. Maybe left brain right brain? or inside vs outside chaos? Other interpretations are welcome.

About Khiri Lee

If people were simple this little box would be sufficient for me to describe myself. People are not simple.
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