Artist Statement

Art creates meaning. Through manipulating objects and interpreting new connections between images the world can be understood in a new light. This is why I create art. I want to bring a new sense of meaning into people’s lives. If my work makes someone think a new thought or have a new idea then I am satisfied. Although the majority of my work is collage or mixed-media I believe that a successful artist is familiar with all mediums. Recently exploring the breadth of available mediums has taken much of my time. Film, painting, paper arts, dance, wearable arts and much more have been my recent focus. Recent pieces of mine have included performances, and sound sculpture.

Paint Me was  a performance where I allowed strangers to paint on me in public, which I completed spring of last year. Seeing the social experiment unfolding around me was as interesting as participating in the performance, and so I always document the creation or process of my art heavily. In some instances the documentation has taken the place of the final art piece. Watching thoughts cross a person’s face, where they make the decision to participate or not, is one of the most satisfying feelings. I can walk away from the performance knowing I have made an impression on someone’s life. This is especially affirmed when people take photographs, or comment on how they too want to do a similar performance. This current direction of my art, to directly interact with my audience, is a theme I want to explore and expand upon in the future.

Continuing my adventures in the world of interactive art I have developed a new sound sculpture titled Happily Ever After. This piece was developed to answer the question “Where are we going?” and I chose to investigate my own notions of where I thought that was. I came to looking at how fairytales from my childhood has shaped my misconceptions of adulthood. On some level I still feel like I’m waiting for my Prince to come, for the shoe to fit, for my mother to try and ruin my life, and so on. The Happily Ever After of fairytale’s is an unattainable ideal, and yet something that was engrained in me as a young girl. My sound sculpture is presented as a prize wheel, inviting the audience to come up and give it a spin. Once it stops on a certain “prize” it plays one of five sound files, exploring my own notions of the five most prominent fairy tales with princesses: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella. I am excited to see how the audience will interpret their winnings at my Happily Ever After prize wheel.

– Spring 2012