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Seeking Bliss

I have been on quite the journey since the last time I posted. I packed up and left Chicago, was planning to move to San Francisco, then through a convoluted series of events I found myself in Sunny Los Angeles. I … Continue reading

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Horned God Diptych

  A long time ago I found an image in National Geographic of a man holding an elk on his back. The image felt ancient and haunted to me, even though the article was about Canadian hunters and the lives they lived. I searched … Continue reading

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In The Beginning: A Sound Art Project

In The Beginning 2012 Time: 6:38  Created for Intro to Sound Art Studio (ARTS 3097) Professor Dr. George Rivera   Statement I wanted to make a collage of sounds for this project. Most of my art is multimedia and I didn’t … Continue reading

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Zen Playground: Inspiration, Analysis, and Interpretation

It is as difficult to understand Zen Gardens as it is to understand one’s own self. (Parkes, p.10) “Zen Playground” was a performance I created in December and various different inspirations were synthesized to create my final project. Artists discussed in … Continue reading

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Need- An exploration of modern mythology

Need Starting today  I want to upload one image of my art and talk about it, as a reflection for myself. I created this collage at my parents house while in my freshman year of college. It was one of … Continue reading

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